Saturday, September 18, 2010

Round is the New Rectangle!


Rectangle is out! 
Round is in…The ROUND changing table that is!

Recently I had the one of the greatest pleasures of befriending an amazingly creative woman!  Meet Paige Burton, the face behind Time for a Change™ and the coolest changing table ever!  


It first came on the scene when Bill Horn & Scout Masterson started tweeting about the amazing changing table they were getting for baby Simone!  Then the beauty of it was revealed on Celebrity Babies and Child Mode when Bill & Scout graciously introduced us to baby Simone and gave us a sneak peak of her Nursery!

photo courtesy of Child Mode

I had a chance to chat with Paige to find out more about her Chic and Unique changing table!

Lisa - What was your Ah-Ha moment?
Paige - My ah ha moment…hmm…there were several...Seeing my husband put the babies on the floor to change them because he hated the awkward side angle of the standard rectangle changing tables.  He would always say "I have to face them to change them right!".  Then there was seeing my husbands mother trying to change our son on a standard rectangle table and hold him on the table while having to reach underneath for supplies.  And finally, seeing three changing tables pile up in my basement because they were useless once the baby was bigger.  I always hated how they were so unattractive and took up a wall as well.  And then it just came to me...Baby changing tables should be round!

L - What steps did you take to create the "concept"?
P -  Well, I can't draw at all so I made a sketch.   I had my husband sketch it out much more professionally the night the idea came to me.  The next morning I hired a patent attorney and began the patent process.  I immediately came up with the name "Time For A Change" and trademarked it!

L - How many prototypes did you go through before you created the final design?
P - This is funny…Our first prototype was made out of a playdough can 
(it looked exactly like the table) and then we cut drawers out !  We were so lucky the when first table came back perfect, with the exception that the knobs were a little bigger than we had wanted, but that was a minor correction.  The changing table never needed to be redesigned.  When we opened the first one, it was more beautiful than we could have ever imagined!  I knew how much I loved it in the sketch but seeing the first one out of the box, it hit me...I knew we had an amazing product!

L - What were some of the challenges you faced?
P - Our main challenge was how to get it made.  I literally worked for months trying to get it made in the U.S. but we couldn't find anyone.  Through our Facebook Fan Page people were able to see the 3D photos we had an artist do of the table.   It was a stroke of luck that one of my husbands high-school friends, John Geer, fell in love with the table!  When we shared with him our troubles of having it made, he connected us with one of his old college professors who had manufacturing connections!  One thing led to another and we were on our way.  Thank goodness for social networking!!

L - Turning an idea/concept into an actual product must have been frustrating, time consuming and costly.  Were you nervous investing in something so different & unique?
P - Honestly, I was never nervous.  I have five (5) children and have extensive experience with changing tables! lol!  I think when the patent attorney said you have something really huge here…that was when my husband and I got really excited.   

L - How does it feel to finally see your dream turn into reality?
P - It feels amazing!  It's surreal.  Especially when I started hearing such great things from people on the fan page. And then to have Scout Masterson and Bill Horn want my table…that took it to a whole different level of excitement!

L - Scout Masterson and Bill Horn were your first customers!  How does it feel to have two AMAZING parents stand behind your product?
P - Having Scout and Bill wanting the table for their baby Simone was amazing!  I was truly honored.  I could not have hand picked better first customers.  They have been beyond supportive.  They are two of the nicest guys and they really love the table!  Simone looked absolutely gorgeous on it!

L - What do you see next for your company?
P - Right now what I see for my company is our official launch in October!  I am very excited and hopeful that soon everyone will know about "Time For A Change".  My ultimate goal is to make the "old" rectangle changing tables completely obsolete!  

Don't miss the official launch of Time for a Change in October!  And in celebration, you can receive the special launch price of $699!  Offer ends November 30, 2010 and will return to the retail price of $899 on December 1, 2010.

Make sure you become a Fan and follow this amazing company by visiting them on Facebook!  



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  1. This is a brilliant concept for a change table. I wish it had been around when we had Sebastian 3 years ago. I would change him facing one way, my husband would do it the other and if one of us put him down the wrong way - look out trouble! This round table would alleviate ALL of that (and don't new parents have enough to deal with?)