Friday, January 21, 2011

SheyB Camera Strap $15!

Boy do I have a deal for you!

GroopDealz is showcasing the wonderful SheyB Camera Straps for $15 + $3 shipping. SWEET!

If you've got a SLR camera, you certainly want your camera strap to reflect your creative personality. Choose from the 3 straps below for $15! (+$3 shipping)
"You're not boring, why should your camera be?"

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I am obsessed with...

Big Buddha Venus Small Hobo!

{image via Piperlime}

Love the the gray! 
Dressy or Casual…goes with EVERYTHING
And it's a Rachel Zoe pick…

Do you see why I need it? 


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Etsy Discovery - The Home Centric

I have a love for stylish design.  So when I heard about The Home Centric, I instantly fell in, well, LOVE!  What I saw made me want to completely redesign my living space around HER designs!

Satin. Dupioni. Velvet.

Every pillow is artfully mastered...reminiscent of Romance, Elegance and Femininity.  

Satin Ruffles, Satin ribbon roses, sequins…

I also couldn't help notice that some designs took on a vintage-esque touch.

Suede flowers and Silk tissue flowers…

Are these pillows not to die for??  Well, now that you have seen some of her FABulous designs it's time to learn about the designer!  Meet Urvi from India.  Urvi is a qualified Fashion and Textile designer from The Pearl Academy of Fashion & Technology, Delhi.  She has been designing for 5 years and holds an amazing resume from European garment houses that include Etam, Zara, Esprit, Bershka, Debehams and more!

She considers her own label not only a profession but a soul passion and designs every product with three principles in mind..."Offer Finest Designs of Great Quality Product at the Right Price!"

Does it get any better than that?  These days it is very hard to find a quality design at a reasonable price! 
Do not hesitate another minute and head over to her Etsy shop.  

Very nicely set up and easy to navigate, you won't have a problem finding the perfect design fit to your home decor.  I can even bet you will find one to use as your inspiration to re-design YOUR Living space!

Here are some of "The Home Centric" magazine features:

1.  The Fashion Journal Magazine - Winter 2010 


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Round is the New Rectangle!


Rectangle is out! 
Round is in…The ROUND changing table that is!

Recently I had the one of the greatest pleasures of befriending an amazingly creative woman!  Meet Paige Burton, the face behind Time for a Change™ and the coolest changing table ever!  


It first came on the scene when Bill Horn & Scout Masterson started tweeting about the amazing changing table they were getting for baby Simone!  Then the beauty of it was revealed on Celebrity Babies and Child Mode when Bill & Scout graciously introduced us to baby Simone and gave us a sneak peak of her Nursery!

photo courtesy of Child Mode

I had a chance to chat with Paige to find out more about her Chic and Unique changing table!

Lisa - What was your Ah-Ha moment?
Paige - My ah ha moment…hmm…there were several...Seeing my husband put the babies on the floor to change them because he hated the awkward side angle of the standard rectangle changing tables.  He would always say "I have to face them to change them right!".  Then there was seeing my husbands mother trying to change our son on a standard rectangle table and hold him on the table while having to reach underneath for supplies.  And finally, seeing three changing tables pile up in my basement because they were useless once the baby was bigger.  I always hated how they were so unattractive and took up a wall as well.  And then it just came to me...Baby changing tables should be round!

L - What steps did you take to create the "concept"?
P -  Well, I can't draw at all so I made a sketch.   I had my husband sketch it out much more professionally the night the idea came to me.  The next morning I hired a patent attorney and began the patent process.  I immediately came up with the name "Time For A Change" and trademarked it!

L - How many prototypes did you go through before you created the final design?
P - This is funny…Our first prototype was made out of a playdough can 
(it looked exactly like the table) and then we cut drawers out !  We were so lucky the when first table came back perfect, with the exception that the knobs were a little bigger than we had wanted, but that was a minor correction.  The changing table never needed to be redesigned.  When we opened the first one, it was more beautiful than we could have ever imagined!  I knew how much I loved it in the sketch but seeing the first one out of the box, it hit me...I knew we had an amazing product!

L - What were some of the challenges you faced?
P - Our main challenge was how to get it made.  I literally worked for months trying to get it made in the U.S. but we couldn't find anyone.  Through our Facebook Fan Page people were able to see the 3D photos we had an artist do of the table.   It was a stroke of luck that one of my husbands high-school friends, John Geer, fell in love with the table!  When we shared with him our troubles of having it made, he connected us with one of his old college professors who had manufacturing connections!  One thing led to another and we were on our way.  Thank goodness for social networking!!

L - Turning an idea/concept into an actual product must have been frustrating, time consuming and costly.  Were you nervous investing in something so different & unique?
P - Honestly, I was never nervous.  I have five (5) children and have extensive experience with changing tables! lol!  I think when the patent attorney said you have something really huge here…that was when my husband and I got really excited.   

L - How does it feel to finally see your dream turn into reality?
P - It feels amazing!  It's surreal.  Especially when I started hearing such great things from people on the fan page. And then to have Scout Masterson and Bill Horn want my table…that took it to a whole different level of excitement!

L - Scout Masterson and Bill Horn were your first customers!  How does it feel to have two AMAZING parents stand behind your product?
P - Having Scout and Bill wanting the table for their baby Simone was amazing!  I was truly honored.  I could not have hand picked better first customers.  They have been beyond supportive.  They are two of the nicest guys and they really love the table!  Simone looked absolutely gorgeous on it!

L - What do you see next for your company?
P - Right now what I see for my company is our official launch in October!  I am very excited and hopeful that soon everyone will know about "Time For A Change".  My ultimate goal is to make the "old" rectangle changing tables completely obsolete!  

Don't miss the official launch of Time for a Change in October!  And in celebration, you can receive the special launch price of $699!  Offer ends November 30, 2010 and will return to the retail price of $899 on December 1, 2010.

Make sure you become a Fan and follow this amazing company by visiting them on Facebook!  



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

{NEW} Getting to know BRUZ WEAR!

I was elated when Ambajam introduced me to Kathryn Ames of Bruz Wear!  

I was so intrigued by her story and how her passion to support 
her son spurred her on to create and begin Bruz Wear.  

We had a chance to chat and here is what she shared with me…

Lisa - I was so touched after reading your inspiration to start Bruz Wear. Would you like share your story?  
Kathryn - Basically I decided to develop these little pants to solve a problem for my son. When Nicholas was crawling he had terrible bruises that were very painful. Nicholas has a severe bleeding disorder called Hemophilia. Crawling was one of the first developmental milestones that seemed to be an issue for him. He did not want to move and we did not want him to stop. I looked all over for knee pads and pants with knee pads but nothing seemed to work very well or look very cool and the market was extremely limited. I was so inspired by the history of this community that I decided I needed to move on my idea of pants with padded knees. From the onset my goal has been to develop a top quality product, grow a sustainable business, and be an advocate for the bleeding disorder community. 

L - Tell us a little bit about the cause you support.  
K - My son Nicholas has Severe Hemophilia A, which means he is deficient one of the 12 clotting factors in the blood. He was diagnosed after his circumcision, the day after he was born. He bled for 18 hours before they were able to confirm this diagnosis. Hemophilia is very rare. Nicholas is 1 in 20,000. The community has an incredibly sad history (see this page for details: Not that long ago, in the 1980's, people were treated with fresh frozen plasma which later was found to be contaminated by HIV/AIDS. Approximately half of the people with hemophilia in the U.S. became HIV-infected and thousands died. We never would have known about this if our son hadn't been diagnosed. We feel so lucky for the treatment available today for Nicholas. There are still people suffering around the world who do not have the access to the treatment that we have in the US. Children in other countries are suffering from joint disease, arthritis, joint replacement, disability and even death as a result of limited treatment and medication. Some of the problems we face in the US include the cost to treat and the limitations with insurance. We have come a long way but there are still many hurdles to overcome. 

L - How did you take your ideas for Bruz Wear and turn them into a business?  
K - I have to say it took me some time. I had no prior business background or knowledge so I was learning and consulting every step of the way. First I did a lot of research on just starting a business. From there the focus was on product development. This step, I have learned, is really on-going and will continue to change if you want to keep up with trends and keep making your product the best it can be. Once you get your product going, time is spent on marketing, selling, growing, and cutting costs.

L - We know Bruz Wear was created for a unique reason.  Are there any other benefits for children wearing Bruz Wear?  
K - Bruz Wear makes no medical promises. At a very basic level we hope our pants provide comfort and style. We have however had many, many comments on how these little pants have helped with bruising and have given both children and parents courage in situations that they might otherwise not be comfortable with. I had a mom call me the other day when she allowed her two sons with hemophilia to roller skate for the first time but only with their Bruz Wear pants on. She was so grateful they they could be out there looking cool but with a little extra support. It made my day for sure!

L - What challenges have you faced since starting Bruz Wear?  
K - For me one of the greatest challenges is limited time and resources. I know we have an awesome product and a loyal following, the challenge is just figuring out how to grow that population. I am a mom of 3 beautiful kiddos and they come first so the amount of time I actually have to work on my business is about 2-3 hours a day! I guess when you do the math, what I have been able to do in the last 4 years IS pretty great. I know as my kids get older, I will have more time to grow my company so in the meantime I am trying to just enjoy where we are. Another challenge we face as a small business is competing with all the other clothing companies who manufacture overseas. I love being a US based company but keeping our costs down is a real challenge. 

L - You are an active member of the Hemophilia Society of Colorado (HSC) AND chair for your fundraiser, Black and Blue!  How do you manage to bring balance your life, professionally and personally?  
K - Balance is an ongoing challenge. Some days I get more done than others. When you have a lot on your plate you learn to take advantage of every little moment you can. Chairing Black and Blue for two years in a row took a lot of my time but it was worth the commitment because I know I was helping my son. I am a board member and an active member of the HSC because it's important to me, my family, and so many other families. People with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders really need a supportive community because it is so rare. It's also very challenging personally, emotionally, physically, and financially. For all those reasons, I do what I do. Admittedly I have to get better at saying "no" but I will do what I can, while I can, and always do my best!

L - You seem to be set on a great course already...but what else is next for Bruz Wear?  
K - I want to continue to grow our fan base, increase web sales, and pursue more wholesale accounts. I would love for Bruz Wear to become a known brand for active kids everywhere. I also want to pursue partnering with other companies who would be interested in purchasing Bruz Wear pants for kids who really need them. Recently a few organizations in the bleeding disorder community purchased pants in bulk (at a significant discount) so they could then give them to families for free. I love this model and would love to be able to do this more around the country and the world. 


Amazing things are happening for Bruz Wear these days!  Recently Kathryn was selected by Scout Masterson and Bill Horn as their first MOMpreneur to be featured on the Daily Guncle!  Visit the Guncles Online to see more! 

Visit Bruz Wear at
follow on Twitter @BruzWear



Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{NEW} Stephen Joseph Go-Go Purses!

I am a self-professed shopaholic! And when I come across something, anything I think my Gianna would love, I just have to get it.  When I first moved to Louisiana and saw EVERYONE with Stephen Joseph embroidered backpacks, I knew I had to find out where I could get one!  I Googled and searched until I found The Crazy Dazy!   Well, shorty thereafter Gianna was seen sporting her new ladybug quilted backpack!

 Well, the other day I found and fell in love with the new Stephen Joseph Go-Go purses!  These fun shaped purses are the perfect sizes for every little girl!  With so many cute shapes it was hard to choose, but the Ladybug purse won out and of course I HAD to get it for Gianna!!
Some other shapes that were in the running for G were the Owl and the Monkey!  Just might have to get those for Christmas!


So make sure you visit The Crazy Dazy and check out all the Go-Go purses that are available!  I am sure there is one that will make your little girl smile!

EXTRA!  To make your purchase even sweeter, be sure to use the coupon code "SHOPPINGMAMA" at checkout to receive 10% off your entire order!